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“Caves are special places. They are mysterious. They captivate us.

They draw us in.”

Holly Moyes

Caves have been used throughout human history. Our earliest hominid (pre-human) ancestors used rock shelters and the entrances to caves to shelter. Later, humans and Neanderthals ventured into caves to hunt bears, as well as make art. Ritual use of caves begins over 50,000 years ago with mud sculptures and cave paintings. Use of caves extended around the world as humans migrated to every continent.

Today evidence of past cultures can be found in caves around the world. Join the search by reading about projects or posting your own!

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“Ethnography and archaeology link caves to the fundamental belief systems of people who see themselves as an integral part of an animate and life-sustaining earth.”


James Brady and Keith Prufer


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“Nevertheless, the stubborn fact remains: the pyramid must be where it is and no nowhere else because the cave below it was the most sacred of sacred places.”


René Millon

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Cave Archaeology is managed by the Cave Archaeology Investigation and Research Network (CAIRN), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. CAIRN’s mission is to integrate cave studies and archaeology through endeavors such as this website. CAIRN works with the caving community to bridge the gap between cavers and archaeologists, providing archaeological support to a number of cave research bodies.

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“Today fish shelter from the currents where men once sheltered from the rain.”

Nic Flemming